My faith in the power of product design teams to solve the world’s most pressing problems began at Apple when, as an interaction designer, I joined a cross-functional team investigating mobile healthcare opportunities for nurse midwives in rural India.


What were the chances of my getting on a project team like this? Who was I, the imposter among so many brilliant technical minds, to be there? But, as I stood looking at the moon shine down on the Rajasthan desert, casting a shadow on a single resilient plant, I thought, who else should be here but me?


Since Apple, I’ve led teams building breakthrough products and optimizing existing ones to new levels of performance and profitability for startups and large companies, including Yahoo!, and Facebook.


With each position, I adapted to new organizational cultures, built teams fast and at scale, connected with a wider audience, and helped ship some of the best global consumer and enterprise software products. It has been an amazing journey.


"Massive change is not about the world of design; its about the design of the world"

Bruce Mao